KYP ID Sigla Position Language Type of text Conventional title
KYP T1705 P. Mich. Inv. 1190 Ro col. 1 ll. 35-36, col. 2 ll. 1-38, Vo col. 1 ll. 1-19, col. 2 ll. 1-10 Egyptian (Coptic) Curse/love spell (magical, formulary) Curse to fill a woman with fire, perhaps love spell.
KYP T2082 BM EA 33140 O. Brit. Mus. Copt. I p. 34, pl. 27 Ro ll. 1-5 Egyptian (Coptic) Favour (magical, applied) Amulet for favour for Horobin
KYP T2083 BM EA 33140 O. Brit. Mus. Copt. I p. 34, pl. 27 Vo ll. 1-4 Egyptian (Coptic) Favour (?) (magical, applied) Amulet for favour for Kōš and Mēnas
KYP T2087 Leiden F 1964/4.14 Vo ll. 29-33 Egyptian (Coptic) Favour (magical, formulary) Love spell
KYP T2102 St Petersburg, Private collection Golenischeff Copt. 52 P. Pushkin 19 Pushkin Museum inv. I.1.б 685 Pushkin Museum ИГ-4733 Pushkin Copt. 52 Ro ll. l-5 Egyptian (Coptic) Unclear (magical ?) Writing exercise (documentary ?) Coptic alphabet
KYP T2186 O. Gurna Górecki 108 Inv. no. C.O. 310 Ro ll. 1-8 Egyptian (Coptic) Protection (?) (magical, applied?) Writing exercise (?) Letter of Jesus to Abgar
KYP T3114 Berlin P. 8320 BKU 1 2 Vo ll. 1-2 Egyptian (Coptic) Magical (formulary) (?) Unclear
KYP T6566 P. Berlin 8328b Berlin P. 8328b BKU 1 12 Ro ll. 1-5 Egyptian (Coptic) Unclear (magical) Fragmentary magical text
KYP T6571 Rossi's "Gnostic" Fragment P. Biblioteca Nazionale Turin [number unknown] Ro ll. 1-29 Egyptian (Coptic) Favour (?) (magical) Invocation for favour (?)
KYP T6613 P. Macq. I 1 P. Macq. inv. 375 p. 12 ll. 1-16 Egyptian (Coptic) Healing/protection (magical, formulary) Amulet to be created