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Provenance: Fayum, Egypt
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Manuscripts: KYP M148 166 186 291 293 296 311 312 313
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These manuscripts may comprise an “archive”, meaning that they were brought together and deposited by an ancient person or persons.


Nine Coptic formularies in the form of sheets and codices on paper and parchment.


Said to have been found in the Fayum, the manuscripts were purchased by Carl Schmidt in 1930 and 1933 through the dealer Maurice Nahman (Gardner and Johnston 2019: p. 31-34).


The manuscripts written by Iōhannes the deacon (see “hand(s)”) were likely written within a few decades (if not less) of 967 CE, the date given on the colophon of P. Heid. Kopt. 582 (=M291). The remaining texts are dated palaeographically to the tenth or eleventh century.


The manuscripts are written either in a form of Sahidic heavily influenced by Fayumic.


The manuscripts written in the hand of Iōhannes the deacon (see “hand(s)”) are all written on parchment. P. Heid. Inv. 685 (M186) and 686 (M166) are written as palimpsests on single sheets from older literary texts which have been folded in half to produce bifolios; that of P. Heid. Inv. 685 contains a Christian lectionary. The remaining parchment manuscripts are small sheets. The remaining manuscripts are written on paper; two P. Heid. Inv. 678 (M311) and 679 (M296) are sheets, while P. Heid. Inv. Kopt. 684 (M148) is a codex.


All the manuscripts contain Coptic magical texts of various kinds.


Gardner and Johnston (2019: 50-51) suggest a possible relationship to the monastery of the Archangel Michael at Perkethaut.


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