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PDM xii
P. Leiden I 384
P. Leid. I 384
Anastasi 75 + 75a (1828)
P. Leid. V

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Magical (formulary)
Literary text (Egyptian muthological)


Original use:

1. Ro col. 1 l. 1 – col. 22 l. 30: Literary text (Myth of the Sun’s Eye)


2. Vo col. 2 (II*) ll. 1-5 (PDM xii. 1-5): Untitled
3. Vo col. 2 (II*) ll. 6-20 (PDM xii. 6-20): Ring to cause praise (favour)
4. Vo col. 3 (I*) ll. 1-29 (PDM xii. 21-49): For revelation of a remedy (healing)
5. Vo col. 4 (1) ll. 1-13 (PGM XII. 1-13): Procedure to summon Kore
6. Vo col. 4 (1) l. 14 – col. 6(3) l. 22 (PGM XII. 14-95): Eros as assistant daimon
7. Vo col. 6 (3) ll. 23-33 (PGM XII. 96-106): Himerios’ recipes
8. Vo col. 7 (4) ll. 1-15 (PGM XII. 107-121): Charm of Agathokles for sending dreams
9. Vo col. 7 (4) l. 15 – col. 8(5) l. 3 (PGM XII. 121-143): Zminis of Tentyra’s spell for sending dreams
10. Vo col. 8 (5) ll. 4-12 (PGM XII. 144-152): Request for a dream
11. Vo col. 8 (5) ll. 13-20 (PGM XII. 153-160): Spell for a divine revelation
12. Vo col. 8 (5) l. 20 – col. 9(6) l. 3 (PGM XII. 160-178): Spell to release from bonds
13. Vo col. 9 (6) ll. 4-6 (PGM XII. 179-181): Spell for restraining anger
14. Vo col. 9 (6) ll. 7-14 (PGM XII. 182-189): Spell for gaining favour
15. Vo col. 9 (6) ll. 15-17 (PGM XII. 190-192): Request for a dream oracle spoken to the Bear
16. Vo col. 9(6) ll. 18-26 (PGM XII. 193-201): [To make] a tincture of gold
17. Vo col. 9(6) l. 27 – col. 11(8) l. 22 (PGM XII. 201-269): A ring
18. Vo col. 11(8) l. 23 – col. 13(10) l. 38 (PGM XII. 270-350): A little ring for success and favour and victory
19. Vo col. 14(11) ll. 1-14 (PGM XII. 351-364): Demokritos’ “sphere”
20. Vo col. 14(11) ll. 15-25 (PGM XII. 365-375): Charm for causing separation
21. Vo col. 14(11) l. 26 – col. 15(12) l. 12 (PGM XII. 376-396): Charm to induce insomnia
22. Vo col. 15(12) ll. 13-16 (PGM XII. 397-400): To gain favour and friendship forever
23. Vo col. 15(12) l. 17 – col. 16 = 13 l. 30 (PGM XII. 401-444): Interpretations – secret names of materials
24. Vo col. 17(IV) ll. 1-12 (PDM xii. 50-61/PGM XII. 445-448): Spell for separating one person from another
25. Vo col. 17(IV) ll. 13-26 (PDM xii. 62-75/PGM XII. 449-452): Separation Spell
26. Vo col. 18(III) ll. 1-32 (PDM xii. 76-107/PGM XII. 453-465): Another (separation spell)
27. Vo col. 19(II)/1-11 (PDM xii. 108-118/PGM XII. 466-468): A spell [to] cause a woman to hate a man (separation)
28. Vo col. 19(II) ll. 12-27 (PDM xii. 119-134/PGM XII. 469-473): A spell for it (separation)
29. Vo col. 20(I) ll. 1-12 (PDM xii. 135-146/PGM XII. 474-479): Love Spell
30. Vo col. 20(I) ll. 13-30 (PDM xii. 147-164/PGM XII. 480-495): Another

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Egyptian (Demotic)



Language/dialect notes:
Date: question mark icon Dates are CE unless preceded by a minus sign <->, in which case they are BCE. 151 – 225
Date notes:

Quack. 151-250 (TM 21/9/2018). 101-200 (GEMF 11/7/2019).

Archive/collection: question mark icon Larger collection to which manuscript belongs. KYP A1
Archive name: Theban Magical Library
State of edition:







Dimensions (cm): Height: 23 Width: 360 Depth:
Dimensions (notes):

Height varies from 22-23 cm.

Folding pattern:
State of preservation:

Complete, considerable damage.

Pages/Columns: question mark icon Total surviving columns in the manuscript for rolls, sheets and rotuli; total number of pages for codices.


Pages/Columns (notes):

22 columns recto, 20 columns verso. Greek column widths vary from 11-20 cm, most 18-20 cm, 30-39 letters. Verso (except for column 1) written at 180 degrees to recto.



Thebes, Egypt

(TM places ID: 576)
Place of purchase:

Thebes, Egypt

(TM places ID: 576)

Thebes, Egypt

(TM places ID: 576)
Present Location:

Leiden, National Museum of Antiquities

Collection History:

Acquired by the Rijksmuseum as part of the 1828 sale. Half of the papyrus was included in the original sale, the second half was one of the additional papyri given by Anastasy as a gift (see Dosoo 2016).

Trismegistos collection: question mark icon Page on the database Trismegistos collections for the institution which currently houses the manuscript. 178
Collection website:


See collection website for extended general bibliography. Column 1 of the verso is lost, so not included in the contents here (see Dieleman 2005).


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Bélanger Sarrazin: question mark icon Bélanger-Sarrazin. “Catalogue des textes magiques coptes” AKZ: question mark icon Ausgewählte koptische Zaubertexte CBd: question mark icon Campbell-Bonner Magical Gems Database Mert.-Pack: question mark icon Mertens-Pack online database


Van H: question mark icon van Haelst, Catalogue des papyrus littéraires


Bruyn-Dijkstra: question mark icon de Bruyn and Dijkstra, “Greek Amulets and Formularies (Checklist)"


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