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Berlin P. 8313
BKU 1 1

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Magical (formulary)


1. Ro col. 1 ll. 1-18: Healing Jesus-deer charm for safe childbirth
2. Ro col. 2 ll. 1-23-Vo ll. 1-8: Healing Horus-Isis charm for stomach ache

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Egyptian (Coptic)





Language/dialect notes:

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Date: question mark icon Dates are CE unless preceded by a minus sign <->, in which case they are BCE. 651 – 800
Date notes:

TM (18/9/2018); Almost certainly 651-800, since part of Berlin Library, all of which have similar hands (KD); 601-800 (Frankfurter 2009: p. 230)

Archive/collection: question mark icon Larger collection to which manuscript belongs. KYP A14
Archive name: Berlin Library
State of edition:

Published. No published image. New edition desirable.






Dimensions (cm): Height: 23.1 Width: 36 Depth:
Dimensions (notes):

Maximum dimensions (EL from autopsy 21/11/2019); 23 x 35.5 cm (Beltz 1983: p. 65); 23 x 36 cm(Erman 1904: p. 1)

Folding pattern:

7 (?) horizontal and 10 (?) vertical creases.

State of preservation:

Complete, some damage along creases, broken into one large and two (not joined) smaller fragments.

Pages/Columns: question mark icon Total surviving columns in the manuscript for rolls, sheets and rotuli; total number of pages for codices.


Pages/Columns (notes):

2 cols. recto (↓), 1 col. verso (→). Recto col. 1, 18 lines, col. 2, 23 lines, verso col., 8 lines (9 lines counted erroneously by Beltz 1983: p. 65), written at 180 degrees to recto.


Hand B (Dosoo forthcoming)


Arsinoites (Fayum), Egypt (?)

(TM places ID: 332)
Place of purchase:

Arsinoites (Fayum), Egypt

(TM places ID: 332)

Arsinoites (Fayum), Egypt (?)

(TM places ID: 332)
Present Location:

Berlin, Staatliche Museen

Collection History:

Purchased by Dr. Reinhardt in the Fayum (Erman 1895: p. 44); Beltz, probably mistakenly, claims that it was acquired from the antiquities market in Cairo in the same year (1983: p. 65).

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Bélanger Sarrazin: question mark icon Bélanger-Sarrazin. “Catalogue des textes magiques coptes”


AKZ: question mark icon Ausgewählte koptische Zaubertexte

2.3, 2.17

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