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P. Oslo 1.1
P. Oslo I 1
Oslo, University Library P. 420

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Magical (formulary)


1. Ro col. 1, ll. 1-34: Ritual to restrain
2. Ro col. 2, ll. 35-68: Ritual to restrain anger
3. Ro col. 3, ll. 69-101: Love spell
4. Ro col. 4, ll. 102-133: Another love spell by fire
5. Ro col. 5, ll. 134-160: Love spell of attraction
6. Ro col. 6, ll. 161-177: Ritual to restrain anger
7. Ro col. 7, ll. 178-188: To break spells
8. Ro col. 8, ll. 189-210: Love spell of attraction
9. Ro col. 9, ll. 211-230: Prayer to Helios (to restrain anger, for victory and favour)
10. Ro col. 10, ll. 231-255: Curse
11. Ro col. 11, ll. 256-264: To break spells
12. Ro col. 11, ll. 265-274: Unclear
13. Ro col. 12, ll. 275-279: For favour (and exorcism)
14. Vo col.1, ll. 283-294: Love spell
15. Vo col.1, ll. 295-311: Love spell by fire
16. Vo col.1, ll. 312-320: To open a door
17. Vo col.1, ll. 321-332: Contraception (healing)
18. Vo col.1, ll. 333-360: Love spell by myrrh
19. Vo col.1, ll. 361-371: Love spell

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Language/dialect notes:
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Date notes:

GEMF dating (24/9/2020); 4th century (Preisendanz 1974: p. 162).

Archive/collection: question mark icon Larger collection to which manuscript belongs. KYP A16
Archive name: Fayum Magical Archive
State of edition:




Roll (recto)
Rotulus (verso)



Dimensions (cm): Height: 24.3 Width: 244 Depth:
Dimensions (notes):

Eitrem 1925.

Folding pattern:
State of preservation:

Complete. Small amounts of damage to roll.

Pages/Columns: question mark icon Total surviving columns in the manuscript for rolls, sheets and rotuli; total number of pages for codices.


Pages/Columns (notes):

12 columns recto (→), 1 column verso (↓). Verso at 90 degrees to recto. 371 lines. 7 drawings, in columns 1-4, 7, 8, 10.



Theadelphia, Fayum, Egypt

(TM places ID: 2349)
Place of purchase:

Theadelphia, Fayum, Egypt

(TM places ID: 2349)

Theadelphia, Fayum, Egypt

(TM places ID: 2349)
Present Location:

Oslo, University Library

Collection History:

Purchased in December 1920 by Samson Eitrem in the Fayum for 165 Egyptian pounds (Hickey et al. 2015: 156-164).

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PGM: question mark icon Papyri Gracae Magicae


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ST (24/9/2020); ST (25/9/2020); KD (28/9/2020)

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