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P. Bibl. Nat. Suppl. gr. no. 574
BNF gr. no. 574
Anastasy 1073 (1857)
Great Magical Papyrus of Paris

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Magical (formulary)


1. p. 2, 1-4: Magical names
2. p. 3, 5-6: Invocation for protection (?)
3. p. 3, 11-25: Invocation to Osiris (divination)
4. p. 3, 26-51: Initiation ritual
5. pp. 3-4, 52-85: Divination ritual (ritual of apparition)
6. p. 4, 88-93: Solar divination with medium
7. pp. 4-5, 94-153: Love spell of Isis
8. pp. 7-9, 154-285: Letter of Nephotes to Psammetichos, initiation and bowl divination rituals
9. p. 9, 286-295: Instructions for plant gathering
10. pp. 9-13, 296-466: Love spell to bind lover
11. p. 13, 467-468: Ritual to restrain anger using Homeric verse
12. p. 13, 469-470: Ritual to get friends using Homeric verse
13. p. 13, 471-474: Homeric verses for uncertain purposes
14. pp. 13-20, 475-829: “Mithras Liturgy” Rituals for initiation, anagoge (ritual ascent), divination (ritual of apparition)
15. p. 20, 830: Homeric verse for uncertain purpose
16. p. 20, 831-832: Ritual to restrain anger using Homeric verse
17. p. 20, 833-834: Ritual to gain friends using Homeric verse
18. p. 20, 835-849: Astrological work discussing influence of the planets on the body.
19. pp. 20-22, 850-929: “Solomon’s Collapse” divination ritual using possessed medium (ritual of apparition)
20. pp. 22-25, 930-1114: Personal vision (lamp divination, ritual of apparition)
21. pp. 25-26, 1115-1166: “Hidden Stela”: invocation for unclear purposes
22. 26-27, 1167-1226: “Stela”: Invocation for unclear purposes
23. pp. 27-28, 1227-1264: Exorcism (protection from demons)
24. p. 28, 1265-1274: “Aphrodite’s name”: Love spell
25. pp. 28-29, 1275-1322: “Praxis of the Bear”: Dream oracle (?) (divination, ritual of apparition?)
26. p. 29, 1323-1330: Another: Dream oracle (?) (divination, ritual of apparition?)
27. pp. 29-30, 1331-1389: “Powerful praxis of the Bear”: Invocation for any (?) purpose
28. pp. 33-34, 1390-1495: Love spell
29. pp. 35-36, 1496-1595: Love spell spoken over myrrh
30. pp. 37-39, 1596-1715: Ritual of consecration of amulet (for protection?)
31. pp. 39-42, 1716-1870: “Sword of Dardanos”: Love spell which uses dream-sending
32. pp. 42-43, 1872-1927: Love spell
33. pp. 43-45, 1928-2005: “Pitus’ Agoge”: Ritual to acquire paredros (divination, ritual of apparition)
34. pp. 45-47, 2006-2125: “Pitus’ Agoge”: Ritual to acquire paredros (divination, ritual of apparition)
35. p. 47, 2125-2139: Restraining Seal for skulls
36. p. 48, 2140-2144: Pitus ritual for questioning corpses (divination, ritual of apparition?)
37. pp. 48-50, 2145-2240: Creation of paredros in the form of an amulet with Homeric verses, contains specific instructions for divination, cursing, restraining, love and favour spells, fetching (i.e. love) spell
38. pp. 50-52, 2241-2358: Invocation to the moon
39. p. 52, 2359-2372: Ritual for good business
40. pp. 52-53, 2373-2440: Ritual for good business
41. pp. 51-57, 2441-2621: Love spell, with secondary purposes of causing illness (curse), healing illness, sending dreams, divination
42. pp. 57-59, 2622-2707: Invocation of the moon goddess, may be used for love spell, to cause illness (curse), divination
43. pp. 59-60, 2708-2784: Invocation of the moon goddess, love spell
44. pp. 60-62, 2785-2890: Invocation of the moon goddess for any purpose
45. p. 63, 2891-2942: Love spell
46. p. 64, 2943-2966: Love spell
47. pp. 64-65, 2967-3006: Instructions for plant gathering
48. pp. 65-66, 3007-3085: Exorcism of Pibechis (protection from demons)
49. p. 67, 3086-3124: “Oracle of Kronos” (divination, ritual of apparition)
50. pp. 67-68, 3125-3171: Ritual for good business
51. pp. 68-69, 3172-3208: Dream oracle (divination)
52. pp. 69-70, 3209-3254: Bowl divination ritual
53. p. 70, 3255-3274: Love spell

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Egyptian (Coptic)



Language/dialect notes:

Various dialectal features apparent in the Coptic; see Love (2016: §2).

Date: question mark icon Dates are CE unless preceded by a minus sign <->, in which case they are BCE. 301 – 400
Date notes:

Dosoo (2016: p. 255 n. 15); Love (2016: p. 4 with footnotes).

Archive/collection: question mark icon Larger collection to which manuscript belongs. KYP A1
Archive name: Theban Magical Library
State of edition:

Published; new edition in progress by the Transmission of Magical Knowledge project (Chicago).






Dimensions (cm): Height: 30.5 Width: 13 Depth:
Dimensions (notes):

Height varies from 27-30.5 cm, width from 9.5-13 cm. cf. Love 2016: p. 4 n. 6

Folding pattern:


State of preservation:

Complete, some damage.

Pages/Columns: question mark icon Total surviving columns in the manuscript for rolls, sheets and rotuli; total number of pages for codices.


Pages/Columns (notes):

Single quire codex, 18 bifolios = 36 sheets, 72 pages, of which 66 have writing. Pages 1, 6, 31, 32, 71, 72 blank. 3274 lines.



Thebes, Egypt

(TM places ID: 2355)
Place of purchase:

Luxor, Egypt

(TM places ID: 2355)

Thebes, Egypt (?)

(TM places ID: 2355)
Present Location:

Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale

Collection History:

Acquired by Jean d’Anastasy prior to 1846, sold at auction to the Bibliothèque Nationale in 1857 (Dosoo 2016).

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Bibliography too extensive to be given in full here; some important works are noted.

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PGM: question mark icon Papyri Gracae Magicae


SM: question mark icon Supplementum Magicum GEMF: question mark icon Greek and Egyptian Magical Formularies (forthcoming) 57 ACM: question mark icon Ancient Christian Magic


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Van H: question mark icon van Haelst, Catalogue des papyrus littéraires Bruyn-Dijkstra: question mark icon de Bruyn and Dijkstra, “Greek Amulets and Formularies (Checklist)" TheDefix: question mark icon Thesaurus Defixionum To Zodion:
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