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British Library MS Or 6796 (4) + MS Or 6796

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Magical (formulary)


1. Ro ll. 1-64: Spell to cast out every unclean spirit (exorcism, parallels wth Mary in Bartos)

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Egyptian (Coptic)





Language/dialect notes:

See related texts for further notes; cf. Bélanger Sarrazin (2017: p. 383)

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Date notes:

Crum dates to ca. 600 CE (Kropp 1931: p. xi); 476-525 (TM 21/3/2019); 501-700 (Bélanger Sarrazin 2017: p. 383)

Archive/collection: question mark icon Larger collection to which manuscript belongs. KYP A15
Archive name: British Museum Portfolio
State of edition:

Published. New edition desirable.



Rotulus (?)



Dimensions (cm): Height: 69 Width: 24 Depth:
Dimensions (notes):

Kropp (1931: p. 47). 6794 (4): 34.5 x 24 cm; 6796: 34.5 x 23 cm.

Folding pattern:

5 vertical and 9 (?) horizontal creases (KD from autopsy on 5/4/2019)

State of preservation:


Pages/Columns: question mark icon Total surviving columns in the manuscript for rolls, sheets and rotuli; total number of pages for codices.


Pages/Columns (notes):

1 column recto, 64 lines. 6796 (4) is a sheet made from gluing three pieces of papyrus together, where the breaks are after ll. 14 and 33.


British Museum Scribe


Thebes, Egypt (?)

(TM places ID: 2355)
Place of purchase: (TM places ID: )

Thebes, Egypt (?)

(TM places ID: 2355)
Present Location:

London, British Library

Collection History:

Acquired in 1907 with Or 6794, 6795, 6796 (1-3) (List of Oriental Manuscripts: p. 301)

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It is unclear if this 6796 (4) and 6796 were a single rotulus, or two loose sheets grouped together.


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PGM: question mark icon Papyri Gracae Magicae SM: question mark icon Supplementum Magicum GEMF: question mark icon Greek and Egyptian Magical Formularies (forthcoming) ACM: question mark icon Ancient Christian Magic


Bélanger Sarrazin: question mark icon Bélanger-Sarrazin. “Catalogue des textes magiques coptes”


AKZ: question mark icon Ausgewählte koptische Zaubertexte

1.J, 2.15

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